An Ode to Lake Superior

Fishing and other outdoor activities.

My main goal is to share some of my outdoor activities, wild life, interesting things seen while out hunting, and mostly my fishing hobby. Most are going to be from local central Michigan lakes and rivers, with a few different people in the boat/canoe. You never know, I may get the Wife falling out of the boat, for the nine millionth time!  Maybe some of my little niece Gabby, hitting the water with her Barbie pole. Pictures will be the most regular element, until I get a waterproof video camera. I have some property up in the Gaylord Mi, area and there is some lakes and rivers around that area, that are on my agenda to hit  this summer. 

Fancy Meeting You Here!

Hello everyone and welcome to "Beautiful America!"

For the last several years, I had a medical condition that kept me from enjoying my life and the world around me. I had a massive surgery in February of 2016 and my chief surgeon told me he felt I had extended my life an additional twenty to twenty five years. I now have a new life and a new mindset of how I want to finish it. We call it "Beautiful America" and it will soon be on a Roku channel as well! My plan is to travel about to film things I find beautiful in America. I hope you will enjoy my journeys!