Straits of Mackinac

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

May 2016 - Lake Michigan isn't always this calm. This long play video lets the sound of the constant waves wash over you. Be strong, be a rock. 

Big V's Journal - June 20, 2016

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

While not breaking any speed limits, we are finally off and running with the main thrust of this project. My nephew Jim and I have made two forays into the north woods of Lower Michigan. While you never accomplish all you hope to do, I'm quite pleased with what we did do. We took a few thousand photos and got one 'episode' of "Fishing With The Fat Man" filmed during our three days on the road.

What's Happening?!?!!

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

This project is slowly beginning to creep forward, with the biggest issue being the cold wet that is currently pervading the Michigan area. You'll begin to see new but not yet usable features popping up here and there as Lee begins to lay the foundation stuff in the background.

In the mean time, we are making travel plans and working on the Roku channel. If you don't have a Roku device yet, you may want to consider one. I'm not saying that simply because of our upcoming new channel (BVP has several now) but because I personally find mine wonderful. A new Roku runs between $60 and $100, depending on what you want from the device. After that, you owe Roku nothing.

Fancy Meeting You Here!

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

Hello everyone and welcome to "Beautiful America!"

For the last several years, I had a medical condition that kept me from enjoying my life and the world around me. I had a massive surgery in February of 2016 and my chief surgeon told me he felt I had extended my life an additional twenty to twenty five years. I now have a new life and a new mindset of how I want to finish it. We call it "Beautiful America" and it will soon be on a Roku channel as well! My plan is to travel about to film things I find beautiful in America. I hope you will enjoy my journeys!