Big V's Journal - June 20, 2016

Written by Verwayne Greenhoe.

While not breaking any speed limits, we are finally off and running with the main thrust of this project. My nephew Jim and I have made two forays into the north woods of Lower Michigan. While you never accomplish all you hope to do, I'm quite pleased with what we did do. We took a few thousand photos and got one 'episode' of "Fishing With The Fat Man" filmed during our three days on the road.

Circumstances of life had had me quite wound up, or as my Dad used to say, 'wound tighter than a three dollar watch.' Of course, a good watch back then cost a lot more than three bucks. After a few hours of sitting in our extremely remote campsite, most of that tension was gone.

Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." All I can add to that is 'Amen.' I've always enjoyed taking photos of flowers, and our campsite was quite littered with smallish flowers. I began to focus on some of the most fully blossomed flowers and took well over 500 photos. I've always said that if you take 100 pictures of something interesting, at least one of them will astound you.

Itsby Bitsy spider !As I began to sort these photos, junking most of them, I found one I thought was especially beautiful. I take all of my photos at a large resolution so they will 'stand up' to editing later. As I cropped this photo and it came up even closer, I saw something unexpected. Just crawling out from under the flower, barely visible,  was a tiny white spider,.     

I realize that many are phobic of spiders of any type, this one was right down cute! I've never seen such a pure white spider, and had I not taken the photos and then cropped that one out; I would have never seen that one. The quote from Einstein came to mind as I stared at it, realizing that the man was more than a mathematician and physicist. He understood that the world was bigger than just humans.

That's it for today but stop back in a few days for the next installment of 'Big V's Journal.' Thanks for stopping by today!



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